5 Things To Consider Before Getting into Online Marketing
April 12, 2019 by Dan Kim
Here are 5 questions you have to answer before getting into online marketing:

1. Expertise. What is your current level of experience in online marketing (OM) ? 

2. Learning Cycle. How much time and effort are you willing to invest learning ?

3. Budget. How much of disposable income do you have to invest into self-education, buying marketing tools and advertising? Some people start with zero budget, but invest a lot of time and energy and succeed. 

4. Investment Turnaround. For how long are you willing to wait till seeing return of investment ? 

5. Market knowledge. How much knowledge do you have about your target market ? 

Please, write down the answers before reading further. 

Let's be honest - if you are not willing to learn, don't have expertise or market knowledge and expect immediate return of investment, you'd better find a job (or keep the existing one) !

If you are ready to invest time and effort learning new skills and don't quit, please continue reading.

Some people started from sleeping on air mattress and made six-seven figures through dedication and hard work (you'll get into specific examples later if you follow us).   

Let's start from basics. Here is a simplified process for any business, online or brick and mortar:
Marketing allows to educate a stranger in such a way that he/she is ready to be presented an offer. Online marketing (OM) uses internet as a main tool to interact with a future customer (we are deliberately not using special terminology yet to keep things simple). This program is focusing on the Online Marketing (OM). 

The Sale completes an exchange of value: the buyer gives you the money in exchange for you (or somebody else) delivering product or service.
Delivery is either shipping a physical product, providing a service or giving access to resources (e.g. web site or webinar, etc.)

Each of these steps is a lot of work and overwhelming for a beginner. But here is good news: there is a proven 30 day step by step program that allows you to copy success of people who earned 6, 7 figures and more*.
You have a choice - continue living your current life or try something different and give yourself a chance to live the life you deserve.
If you keep doing the same things you will keep getting the same results.
* Actual results depend on many factors including your commitment, market conditions, etc. Past results do not guarantee you the same financial performance. by Accend LLC. (C) 2019
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